The beauty of bespoke


A sentimental attachment can develop very quickly between well crafted objects and their users, especially if the object is used everyday. 

Good quality leather strengthens over time, develops a wonderful deep shine, and moulds itself to the user.

Everyone uses their wallet in a way that is entirely unique to them. Wheather you only carry the bare essentials or insist on storing heaps of loyalty cards and cash, the wallet you carry should naturally reflect your needs. 

But was your wallet built specifically for purpose you use it for? The answer is probably no.

With such little variety on the high street when it comes to wallet design, many men I've seen are making do with a design that does not cater for them. The results are bursting pockets, split seams, or unnecessary bulk, not helped by bad build quality.

If its something you use everyday, its time to invest in what is right for you. Because all Robert Christopher products are built to last a lifetime with traditional techniques chosen for their durability and quality of finish, its a worthwhile investment. 

Robert Christopher offers a range of wallet styles and coin pouches that aim to cater for a variety of needs, but naturally you may not find exactly what your looking for.

Thats why Robert Christopher offers an entirely bespoke design service.

All pieces are made to order, allowing you to have a say in what you are paying for.

Need an extra card slot on an existing design? no problem. Have an idea for an entirely new design? Simply send a message with your request and we will get straight back to you and see if we can make your design a reality. 

Recently a gentleman came to me with with a request to make a replacement for his note holder used as an insert to his coat wallet that had been stapled and taped together for years.

I created a replacement out of Italian Saint Crispin calf leather in pitch black with gold foil logo. A simple but elegant design that has served the user well, given a new life in a piece that will never see the same fate of staples and tape.